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About Pedal'N Pi

We are a pizza shop serving bicycles, wine, and beer!

Chris and Rene' Creed started the road amateur Gateway Devo Cycling Team back in 2010, with the sole purpose to provide an opportunity for young riders who had aspirations of turning professional in the sport of road cycling.  Since 2010, we have successfully graduated 15 riders to the pro ranks, most notably Sepp Kuss, a multiple time Tour de France rider.  In 2018, Rene' had the idea of holding a Strider camp for kids with Downs Syndrome, which we held at St. Pius.  We taught 15 kids how to ride bikes that week, and had an absolute blast in doing so.  We came off of that camp extremely excited to get some more 2 wheeled initiatives going.  

Rene' said, hey let's build a mountain bike park...what...we don't even really ride mountain bikes...we're road and cyclocross riders.. but hey, what the heck...sounds fun, so we went to a Trail Labs seminar put on by IMBA in Bentonville, Arkansas.  When we left Bentonville, we were incredibly inspired and knew that we needed more than just a mountain bike park, we needed to build something for the entire community. We have begun discussions with our community officials, and had a feasibility study performed to add bicycle features to all of our city parks, and to build our mountain bike park.  

We've now become ambassadors for the All Kids Bike movement, which is a movement to get Strider bikes in every elementary school to teach every kindergarten and 1st-grade kid to ride a bike.  So...since we're working with all this two-wheeled stuff....we decided that we needed a bike shop in town...since there wasn't one...I mean, if we're gonna teach every kid to ride a bike, and they're gonna go home and get mom, dad, brother, and sister out riding, in and on these cool park features, we need a great bike shop to service the community.

We wanted our bike shop to be different...we wanted to be able to offer something nobody else ever had.  We want to be a destination that you will want to hang out at, meet for your rides, and relax after them...and wood-fired pizza is what we landed on...and that's how we became a pizza shop serving bicycles, wine, and beer.

We look forward to serving you and your families incredible Neapolitan style pizza right out of our Mugnaini wood-fired oven!